Save Yourself the Boredom And Leave the Job to Us - Carpet Cleaning Hayes End UB3

No one deserves the misfortune of having a fresh carpet stain. Especially if its a contrasting colour. If a disaster of such proportions occurs in your life, worry not. Choose us for your professional carpet cleaners in Hayes End UB3. You will witness the magical transformation of your carpet – we will clean it spotless with our equipment that is spot on for the job.

3 Different Approaches – Same Great Result – Rug Cleaning in Hayes End UB3

1. Hot Water Extraction Method

Exactly what the name implies – we spray your carpet/rug with hot water under pressure. Treat stains with detergents and soon after we extract up to 95% of the water back. The dirt and germs come out with it. It’s quick and efficient. The drying after lasts no more than 3 hours. We will provide you with overshoes. This method is suitable for wool & synthetic carpets.

2. Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Instead of water, hot steam is being used and injected into the carpet. We have detergents for everything from make-up to coffee. After the treatment, the humidity is being drawn back out. This method also takes the carpet up to 3 hours to dry.

3. Carpet Dry Cleaning

If you posses sisal or seagrass carpets or rugs. The ones that are not water resistant and are too delicate. Dry cleaning is the methods for dealing with them. Powder and spray-like products are used instead of water, depending on your carpet’s fabric.

Don’t Forget to Ask for More

  • Upon request we could apply the Scotchgard spray that will ensure your rug further protection of stains for the next couple of months. A Scotchgard treatment demands a dry off of 4-5 hours.
  • Upon request we will bring an Air Mover System (AMS) that will speed up drying processes up to three times.
  • Free tips and information on your carpet to help you with its further maintenance
  • Overshoes are of necessity and so we bring our own and a pair for you and your family

Local Carpet Cleaners Hayes End UB3 – Benefits for Booking This Service

Advantages of booking us as your carpet cleaning in Hayes End UB3 include:

+Certified professionals, fully insured, vetted and police-checked with years of experience behind them.

+Bookings as flexible as it gets – you can book us 24/7, on Bank holidays, early morning or late evening, as long as it’s convenient for you.

+Phone lines that are open for customer support around the clock, no exception, we will take your call at any time

+Free quotes for combining services

+Discounts on multiple service orders

Fancy Us Already? Make a Booking

Simply call 020 7846 0228 and order expert carpet cleaning for your home or office. You can also fill the booking form yourself here, or speak with a company representative via the live chat.

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